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Then came (A Travel Guide - which is targeted at helping individuals to choose Kos as their holiday destination and showing them and providing them with as much information as you can concerning the little Greek island that we love and live on).

In between all of this Vasilis has above a hundred sites he manages. how a hell he does everything that.. still baffles me. Two/three seems a handful if you ask me sometimes…anyway, what takes me an hour or so, takes Vasilis 10 minutes…so.

In the summer of 2011 seemed, a thought and website that Vasilis ended up literally ‘sitting on’ for quite a while. Was Kos ready for it? Is it ready for it?

Vasilis Pasparas is a local man using a very kind heart, great ideas plus a vision in the future (as well as is an extremely good babysitter!!!) The web site has been produced and designed for the objective of helping Kos beat the recession. You will find soo some websites out there, but are they seen? Vasilis knows all of the secrets and ways the way to keep on plugging and pushing Kos and all sorts of the wonderful places that you can be in Kos by using his head as well as the internet.

It is actually a simple concept. is a reservation system which Vasilis introduces to hotels and apartment owners, he patiently shows them and teaches them how to operate the system, it's to their personal advantage, helping them complete the gaps where they've got no bookings, and they reach choose how many rooms they need to put on the device (and when) and then for what price. After the hotel or apartments are registered on the website Vasilis spends his energy and super powers online making sure those hotels and apartments get seen….and hopefully helping these to fill their rooms.

So on your part supporting and sharing we might all have a better summer. We have to get people booking and visiting Kos!!!

People’s rooms and hotels need filling and restaurants, cafes and shops need business.

Vasilis might not have a magic wand, but he is trying tough to make Kos sparkle.

Most evenings Vasilis Pasparas is working throughout the night, whilst most of us are typical tucked up during intercourse, he is plugging Kos, promoting it, doing everything they can to have Kos seen on the internet and linking (and back linking) and other things that these clever computer guys do, in every way he can.

Just what exactly is it necessary to do?

That’s simple share, share and share on Facebook, Twitter, in fact any of your internet accounts…share hotels and apartment accommodation featured on as well as the Facebook pages.

Share tourist destinations in Kos, from ancient ruins, cultural museums to cafes, bars and restaurants.. everywhere and anywhere on Kos.. it is possible to..

Write reviews on places you've got visited, restaurants, bars etc on

Hotel Koss

When you were wondering about stayinkos, you've now learned, if of course you need any further information visit us at


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